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Funeral ceremony

As a funeral celebrant, my key responsibility is to meet with you, the family of the deceased and methodically record details of the life of the deceased, so that what is written depicts the true character of that person. Along with the bereaved family and friends, you will put together an outline of the ceremony. A bespoke ceremony, properly prepared, will be delivered with confidence, care and sensitivity. My intention is to help and support you as a family and other mourners who are coming to terms with their loved one’s death.

The basic cost of a funeral ceremony is in the range of £175 - £500. This includes a home visit, creating a portrait of the deceased person, liaising with the funeral director, crematorium and conducting the ceremony.

There is no cost for the funeral ceremony of a child under the age of 16. There will however, be a small cost incurred to cover expenses such as travel and any overnight accommodation.

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